Liberate The Moment

See through my eyes that you may peer into my soul.

I believe there's an inner artist inside all of us because creativity is an innate human instinct. We desire to leave remnants of our existence, if only to remind the future that we were once here.

Photography as an art is a form of communication, both visual and visceral. It is a linguistic scaffolding for words and speech; a framework of interpretation between presentation and representation.

I photograph to reconstruct the world through my perspective, sans ego; capturing raw light onto a medium and re-envisioning the image to liberate the momentary embodiment of feeling, emotion, and sensitivities. In effect, I become the substrate through which the moments develop to reveal, in darkness, a light that soars into the depths to illuminate the intangible soul of a solitary moment.

Venturing beyond, it is my hope that a photograph created with intention can dispel the silence of the captive moment, giving voice to the in-animate, the bound, and the oppressed. In these expressions, the subject is liberated by an array of external interpretations.

As you experience each photograph, you can see through my eyes to unshroud the veil of my soul and free the captured moment.